NSCS, One of Washington’s Best Places To Work!

Last Thursday NSCS was officially recognized as one of Washingtonian’s best places to work. The magazine that came out last weekend featured organizations that were “chosen on the basis of such measures as: generous pay and benefits, challenging and interesting work, great work/life balance, opportunities to learn and grow, financial stability , commitment to charity and community, and the recognition and respect given to employees”.

As you know from this blog, NSCS prides itself in maintaining being a great place to work for its employees, giving them what they need to succeed in their work lives;  so getting this award just proved that we have succeeded in this. All of the categories listed above serves as a standard here at NSCS, we try our best to always be all of the above.

What stood out to Washingtonian and was in our section of the magazine was:

  • The great leave benefits: Employees get 15 days paid vacation with unlimited sick leave. After two years of working for NSCS you have unlimited paid vacation
  • Flexible telecommuting benefits: All NSCS employees have laptops, this not only lets employees travel easily but also allows them to always stay connected wherever they are. Most of our work is flexible enough that you could do it from anywhere
  • The ability to grow in ones job: As Bailey was quoted in the article, here at NSCS one doesn’t grow in ones job based on how long they have worked here, there isn’t a set standard for a promotion. If you work hard and prove yourself, a promotion is easily in the cards.

Personally I am honored to work for one of Washington’s best places to work. It gives me comfort to know that my organization is doing its best for me and tries its hardest to be one of the best places to work. Working for an organization that you enjoy to work for is important aspect of your job; after all you are at work 40+ hours of your week!

Our article can be found on page 101 of the magazine

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